Coming Soon

Sparkle² Skim Web Browser

Sparkle² has released it's first new software named "Sparkle² Skim".  Sparkle² Skim is a new web browser.  It's faster, safer, and lite among the others.  Though it's only available YET for computers, it will also come to mobile phones, from Sony Ericsson to Windows Mobile based phones.

Sparkle² Skim will be available on November 4, 2008.  And will be released in the Sparkle² website, for free.  However, while waiting for the release, you can view the System Requirements below:

- Windows all versions
- 500Mhz CPU
- Java 5+
- Internet Connection

Friendster Kill-'em

Friendster Kill-'em will be coming soon to Sparkle²!

It has some new features like Frindster Hack v1.x.

Beta is already released in some sites, but we are waiting for the full version for complete use.  The system requirements are listed below:

- Windows XP or Windows Vista (Genuinely Activated)
- Internet Explorer 6+; Mozilla Firefox Beta 3+; Safari 3.1+; Opera 9+
- A verified Friendster Account
- Java 5+