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Friendster Hack v2 from Sparkle² is here!

After days and weeks of waiting for this, it's been fixed and working without crashes (unless your computer is broken). Friendster Hack v2 includes the following below:

- Cancel Account
- Show Password
- Change Settings
- Make "undiscoverable" or hidden in friends

If you want this software, please go to the Download Centre.

The Sims 2 + DirectX10 = Improvement or Crashing?

The Sims 2 players (random people that plays The Sims 2) shows that The Sims 2 supports playing with DirectX 10 installed.  This is a great improvement to some Sims 2 players.  Below this, a instruction on how to play the sims 2 in dx10 mode.


1. Download the "userStartup.cheat" below.

2. Place the file in "C:\Documents and Settings\xxxx\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Config\" folder.  The "xxxx" represents your computer account name.

3. Open Start > All Programs > EA GAMES > The Sims 2 xxxx. The "xxxx" represents whether you have an expansion pack installed.

4. Right click on the main application/game which is "The Sims 2 xxxx" and select Properties.

5. At the "Target" box, at the end of it, add "_-DX10" without quotes. The _ represents a space.

6. Click on Apply then OK.

Run and Enjoy!

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